Are you in danger of being stupid4 ever? Do you …


Ask someone, “What’s the number for 911?”

Believe you always communicate  perfectly

Conceal your mistakes

Decide to ask your boss to be the star of your new book titled, Stupid 4ever

Embrace only the facts that support your position

Force compliance to a policy and expect it to be fully embraced

Generate ideas without evaluating them

Highlight all of your accomplishments to everyone you meet

Ignore warning signs

Jump to conclusions without investigating the facts

Kick friends out of your life who provide you sincere advice

Learn how to make convincing excuses

Mock honorable people

Negotiate your future with a psychic

Obsess over a sunk cost

Predict the precise timing of the next stock market crash

Quit asking questions

Read horoscopes

Shift blame to everyone else

Tweet before you’ve gathered all the facts

Underestimate the  influence of negative people

Violate ethical principles

Watch the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

X-pect different results when you repeat a dysfunctional behavior

Yank the tail of a sleeping crocodile

Zoom in  on a solution too quickly