Structure and Organization

Shift your communication according to the degree of structure and organization your
audience prefers. On one end of the continuum are people who are very organized and like
things settled which is revealed by the lists they maintain and their very organized desk,
car, or calendar. In communicating with this type, show a timetable, allow them time for
preparation and, above all, do not put them on the spot. On the other end of the continuum
are those who are creative, don’t like routine or structure and can be easily distracted. In
communicating with more intuitive people, present new ideas, allow for discussions to flow
and provide options.

So what?

Adapting your communication strategy to different personality types will more
effectively “link” to the needs and tendencies of your audience, thereby increasing the
likelihood that the communication will be effective. Our natural tendency is to use a
communication style that we personally prefer. Strategic communicators, on the other hand,
adapt to the receiver’s style.