Decisions and Opinions

Modify your communication according to how your audience makes decisions and forms
opinions. On one end of the continuum are people who make decisions based on logic and
facts, weighing the evidence to arrive at an objective decision. When communicating with this type, be brief and concise, calm and reasonable, and present the pros and cons. On the other end of the continuum are those who make a decision based on how it may impact relationships and others’ feelings, seeking ways that avoid conflict. When communicating with this type, show how the idea affects people and is valuable to them, and be aware of how you communicate in terms of your nonverbals and body language.

So what?

Adapting your communication strategy to different personality types will more
effectively “link” to the needs and tendencies of your audience, thereby increasing the
likelihood that the communication will be effective. Our natural tendency is to use a
communication style that we personally prefer. Strategic communicators, on the other hand,
adapt to the receiver’s style.