Who is Dr. So What?

Dr. So What, like other mythical super heroes, is magical, enchanting, thoughtful, insightful and just a bit whimsical. Dr. So What’s name symbolizes a commitment to thoughtful inquiry and critical thinking.  Asking “so what” encourages people to think about the implications of facts, ideas, and opinions.  For example, scientists know that rain drops are 20,000,000  times larger than water vapors we sweat out during exercise – an Olympic swimming pool compared to a small cup of water.  So what? Well, that means somebody should be able to design a fabric that protects us from a rainstorm but still allows us to efficiently dissipate excessive heat and sweat. In other words, we shouldn’t have to wear to trash bag to protect us from a rain storm.  And, in fact, Gor-Tex clothing seizes on this particular scientific fact, allowing outdoor enthusiasts an amazing degree of comfort during strenuous activity at the height of raging thunderstorm; the sweat disappears and the rain stays out.  Dr. So What loves tales like this because they demonstrate the extraordinary power of thoughtful inquiry kindled by a very simple question.

Dr. So What was the brain child of Phillip and Laurey Clampitt, conceived on one of their charming bike rides through the hills of the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin.  The exact place and time of conception remains a mystery hidden on some obscure curvy county road wiggling through forests and hugging the coast line.