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Forge alliances with other departments that are critical to your success.  A starting point might be to ask for a tour of the other departments or hold a “sh
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The percent of peer-reviewed scientific papers (50%) that are available for free. So what? Search and make use of readily available information, but be wary 
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Joseph Addison

“A man must be both stupid and uncharitable who believes there is not virtue or truth but on his own side.” Book of the Month A Spy Among Friends ...Lies, d
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A Spy Among Friends by Ben Macintyre & John Le Carre

Lies, deceit, and treachery among friends provide the backdrop for this fascinating Cold War story. And, it provides a cautionary tale for all who work in organ
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  • Assumptions

    Have I made reasonable assumptions?

  • Evidence

    Have I relied on reasonable evidence to reach my conclusions?

  • Implications

    Have I properly identified the implications of the facts, ideas or situation?

  • Patterns

    Have I properly identified the patterns?

  • Effectiveness

    Have I used the proper criteria to judge effectiveness?

  • Alternatives

    Have I considered all the logical alternatives and selected the proper course of action?

  • Ethical Impact

    Have I considered the ethical impact of my decisions?